eight; phone/action; NOT A SHROOMFIELD POST
go away I'm thinking
A.) Phone; filtered away from drones

...this town truly doesn't give one a moment's rest, does it? I'm lucid as ever, but I've seen and heard a lot of people that sound like they're hallucinating terribly. All I can say is to be careful.

Miss Black-White, that means you, too. I'm serious; don't intentionally go seeking whatever it is that's making people hallucinate.

Meiling, while you're at school, please keep an eye on ojou-sama and imouto-sama?

Action; open

[Sakuya's busy running errands - feel free to notice the lady in the maid uniform using momentary timehax to get things done a lot faster than any normal human has any right to.

However, she stops outside the elementary school gates when it's time for school to let out. She wants to check over her two favorite vampires and fuss over them as needed.]

seven; phone, drone-filtered
I have a bad feeling about this

...I see I'm not the only one who saw that strange television broadcast just now. I fear we all have some 'special' Halloween hijinks - if I can even call them that - in store for us all.

I'm worried.

application: a_facility
Ignore if you're in Mayfield.Collapse )

six; phone, drone-filtered and forward-dated to zombiefield start
linefacing a bit
It seems the town has seen fit to grow chaotic again. To those of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I offer my house, at 1647 Albright Lane, for everyone to ride out the 'storm' in. I'd feel better if we were all under the same roof, considering.

I've been out shopping and we're stocked up, plus I believe the magical and non-magical firepower assembled here will be more than sufficient.

Also...Miss Saber, Miss Yuna, you should come over, too. I think Blue would feel better with you here.

...Kyoya. I can't and won't force you to stay. It's your call, but I'd advise you to be careful.

five; locked to gottimedout
cut for mentions of sexy lingerie. Of course, should this turn NC-17, it will be taken to a musebox.Collapse )

four; action
ripper mode on
A.) 1647 Albright Lane;

[Every morning, the Milkman delivers fresh milk to the house. And every morning, Sakuya dutifully pours it out. She's taken the adage to not drink the milk to heart.

But this morning is different. As always, milk is delivered, and Sakuya pours it out, but this morning, a little while after she pours the milk out, she starts to feel strange. She recognizes the feeling of being droned from back when she was part-droned before, but now? Now there's that, plus a distinct desire to hurt something. To draw a beautiful symphony of screams on a silver blade. Her eyes, normally bright blue, are now a dark, dark red.

Anyone passing by might hear the screams of drone children coming from the basement as Sakuya plays them with her knives. She leaves what's left of them down there, and doesn't even bother cleaning the blood off her dress as she ascends the stairs.]

B.) around town;

[Sakuya's still wearing her blood-soaked dress, knives out, as she walks the streets. There's dried blood on that sharp silver, but she doesn't seem to notice or care. Her eyes are still red, and she's looking. The drones aren't enough to satisfy the bloodlust running through her system. Where's something else she can paint red?]

three; phone/action; she's at level 3
a touch of a smile
phone; filtered from drones

Mm, I have a few things I'd like to say to a few people.

Meiling? I'll admit it. There are a few things you are better at that than I am. You have a proper green thumb and you're excellent around children.

...I am also jealous of your figure.

Imouto-sama, you are the cutest person ever.

Marisa...perhaps I overlooked you sneaking into the mansion's library a few times when I should have caught you. It does Patchouli-sama good to have your company; at least someone is with her.

Miss Alucard, I made you tea because I got a bit homesick and you remind me of Remilia-ojou-sama. A lot.

Tohno-kun, you and Miss Margatroid actually complement each other in a strange way. It's...cute.

Madoka-chan, you have a very sweet heart. Please don't lose that; it's a great strength.

action; 1647 Albright Lane

[Sakuya has set the drone children up on an indoor picnic, with sandwiches, chips, and cookies, all on a blanket in the living room, and she's also gotten out several board games for them to occupy themselves with, since they seemed reluctant to go outside.

Why has she gone so far to make sure they're well and occupied? She needs to say something to her not!husband, and she doesn't want to say it over the phone.

Two; phone
linefacing a bit
A: phone; filtered to Patchouli Knowledge and Hong MeilingCollapse )

B: phone; filtered away from drones

Does dealing with these drone children ever become easier? I still can't help feeling uneasy about them.

one; action/phone;
A.) action; 1647 Albright Lane;

[There was so much wrong about waking up in someone else's clothing that it was hard to know where to start. At least wearing pearls, a dress, and an apron wasn't that much different from a maid uniform, even if Sakuya did feel a bit naked without her usual headdress. That wasn't really what was throwing her, though. It was stranger not to have her knives.

Really, though, all of this? Strange. The photographs on the walls that she was certain she'd never posed for, with what appeared to be a family. A family with kids, even. Okay, this...was starting to get really strange. Stranger still was the word 'Mama' from their lips, a term that felt alien when applied to her.

What the heck was going on?]

B.) phone; public;

Hello? Hello. My name is Sakuya. I - I really don't know what's happened. I should be in Gensokyo, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion...if someone can tell me where I am, it would be much appreciated. If there's a way to easily get back, I'd appreciate that even more. I'm needed back at home.

C.) action; streets

[...those children were well and truly unnerving. They had announced their intent to go play with friends at the park, something Sakuya really didn't object to. She figured if they were able to announce it, it couldn't be a terrible idea. Besides, it gave her a chance to explore things a bit. Don't mind her if she looks a bit bewildered; she's just trying to make sense of things.]

How's my driving with Sakuya? I am open to all concerns, crit, and the like. Feel free to leave it here - comments are screened, and anon is on.


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